Mall Flower

CLOSES 8/18/2019, but lives forever online @plumbenefits on instagram

Plum Benefits
Secret Location on Museum Mile
New York, NY 

Mall Flower, on view thru 8/18, is part of a larger project about image, language, and color that Nate Heiges has been working on for the better part of a decade. It began with a 3-volume book called The Imposter Ocean, which used print-on-demand technology to “reproduce” the entire Pantone Coated color library, one color per page. Soon enough, text, photographs, memory, different systems of naming and categorizing colors, as well as color theory, and a bit of the science of perception became part of the book.

With this exhibition, Heiges is able to escape the confines of the page to create a new kind of experience with life-sized photographs. Plum Benefits is pleased to be able to showcase this next step in his project to make manifest the richness and depth of the experience of color: optically, linguistically, and psychologically.

The artist would like to thanks Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago.

A book to accompany the show will be out in the fall! Please email Nate for more info and to pre-order.

Say It with Flowers

12/7/2018 through 12/31/2018

International Waters
236 Moore ST
Storage Closet #48
Brooklyn NY 11206

What are people saying, anyhow, when they say things with flowers? When asked what his infamous green carnations meant, Oscar Wilde replied: "Nothing whatever, but that is just what nobody will guess."

International Waters is pleased to present Say It with Flowers, an installation and exhibition by Nate Heiges. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday December 7th from 6PM-9PM.  

For the inaugural exhibition of International Waters, Nate Heiges presents a series of paintings and sculptures made using materials found predominantly on the anti-pastoral streets of Bushwick and the East Williamsburg Industrial Park. Say it with Flowers, a phrase taken from the wrapping paper of bodega bouquets, serves as a metaphor for both the ubiquity and the necessity of language as well as its all-too-common suppression and subversion. Heiges manipulates vernacular objects into a détourned bricolage, by turns funny and sad, of the surrounding landscape.

No flowers were harmed in the making of this exhibition.


International Waters is a platform for the production and dissemination of cultural artifice.  Without geography, International Waters claims endless walls for the display of art and artifact.  As artifice is fully a part of nature, International Waters naturally reclaims objects and spaces that discursively exist without location.  Constantly drifting from white cube to interface, International Waters is the deterritorialization of material and immaterial production.  

“On the bases of this mobile civilization, architecture will, at least initially, be a means of experimenting with a thousand ways of modifying life, with a view to an ultimate mythic synthesis.”

IVAN CHTCHEGLOV (Formulary for a New Urbanism, 1953)