Mall Flower is part of a larger project about image, language, and color that Nate Heiges has been working on for the better part of a decade. It began with a three-volume book called The Impostor Ocean, which used print-on-demand technology to “reproduce” the entire 2006 Pantone Color System Formula Guide, one color per page. Soon enough, text, photographs, memory, different systems of naming and categorizing colors, as well as color theory, and a bit of the science of perception became part of the book. With this exhibition, Heiges is able to escape the confines of the page to create a new kind of experience with life-sized photographs. Plum Benefits is pleased to be able to showcase the next step in his project to make manifest the richness and depth of the experience of color: optically, linguistically, and psychologically. The artist would like to thank Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago.