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Nate’s 2000s Mixtape

A mixtapes of songs from an obliviated decade!
For this summertime music-only show, host Nate Heiges plays classics, bops, and a couple of outliers from the 2000s. Why does nobody listen to music from the aughts? Because America lost its mind in the wake of 9/11? Welcome back home. Some art, some salt, some cheese, and some gold.

Complete playlist below.

  1. Happiness, Chastity Belt, 2013 (oops)
  2. L. E. S. Artistes, Santigold, 2008
  3. Walking with a Ghost, Tegan and Sara, 2004
  4. Fuck the Pain Away, Peaches, 2002
  5. Fake French, Le Tigre, 2001
  6. Bohemian Like You, The Dandy Warhols
  7. Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning), Kaiser Chiefs
  8. Hate to Say I Told You So, The Hives
  9. An Honest Mistake, The Bravery
  10. Emerge, Fischerspooner
  11. Daft Punk Is Playing at My House, LCD Soundsystem
  12. Danger! High Voltage - Soulchild Radio Mix, Electric Six
  13. Roses, Outcast
  14. Jesus Walks, Kanye West
  15. Islands, The xx
  16. Leaf House, Animal Collective
  17. Young Liars, TV on The Radio
  18. No More Drama, Mary J. Blige
  19. I Thought You Were My Boyfriend, The Magnetic Fields
  20. The Only Exception, Paramore
  21. To Be Alone With You, Sufjan Stevens
  22. Echo’s Answer, Broadcast
  23. I’ve Been Thinking, Handsome Boy Modeling School w/Cat Power
  24. Mykonos, Fleet Foxes
  25. Mushaboom, Feist
  26. No Child of Mine, PJ Harvey
  27. The Great Divide, Ashley Park
  28. Tear You Apart, She Wants Revenge
  29. Little Kids - Ladytron Fruits of the Forest Mix, Kings of Convenience
  30. Ike’s Mood I, Visioneers
  31. Ladyflash, The Go! Team

Marie Lorenz & Kurt Rohde
Newtown Odyssey
June 18, 2023

On this episode of the Selection Committee Radio Show, artist Marie Lorenz and musician and composer Kurt Rohde introduce their opera Newtown Odyssey, named after the same creek as Newtown Radio.

Marie Lorenz has been making boats and navigating urban waterways since she was 19 years old. Her explorations began when she was a student in Providence, Rhode Island, and they have taken her as far as the Neva River in Russia. In the summer of 2005, she established the Tide and Current Taxi, a rowboat taxi designed to take advantage of the tides and currents directing city waterways. In 2008, she was awarded the Rome Prize, and while staying at the American Academy, she met fellow residents Kurt Rohde and author Dana Spiotta. Once back in the US, Lorenz took both Rohde and Spiotta out on boating excursions and the idea for Newtown Odyssey slowly grew, with Spiotta agreeing to write the libretto.

Kurt Rohde shares both old and new music, and he discusses his interest in memory and historical (and not-so-historical) vernacular American music, which has informed his recent work. He discusses what it was like for him to transition away from being a dedicated performer to someone who works exclusively as a composer. Rohde has previously collaborated with other musicians and writers, including poets Scott Hunter and Donna Mason, but Newtown Odyssey marks his first time collaborating with an active industrial waterway replete with traffic, heavy machinery, LaGuardia’s flight path, and the intense society of local avians.

We discuss the nature of collaboration, chance, and making work that responds to particular spaces. We hear a piece from Harry Partch, the experimental composer and inventor of strange and beautiful musical instruments who has inspired both Kurt and Marie. Marie describes the Plank Road Public Shoreline, a semi-hidden point of intersection between surface roads and the creek where the opera will be performed, and outlines the opera's themes of manmade engineering, politics, money, toxic waste, and the implacable power of nature.

Newtown Odyssey will be performed live on September 9 & 10, 2023; tickets will go on sale in early July. Folks who can’t afford the price of the ticket can still attend thanks to sponsorship through the Newtown Creek Alliance. Find information and sign up for the mailing list at, and follow the opera on instagram

Marie Lorenz is a visual artist based in New York City. In her ongoing project ‘The Tide and Current Taxi’, Lorenz transports participants through New York waterways in boats that she designs and builds, using the tidal current to propel the boat. Recent exhibitions include Waterways at Bennington College in Vermont, Ash Heap at the Lamar Dodd Gallery in Athens, Georgia, and Ezekia at the Albright-Knox in Buffalo, New York. Her work has been included in recent exhibitions at The Contemporary in Austin, Texas, and the Thomas Cole House in Catskill, New York. Other residencies and honors include the Rome Prize, Harpo Foundation, and Creative Capital Grant. Lorenz is represented by Jack Hanley Gallery in New York. ︎

Kurt Rohde [h/h/h/t/t/t] plays viola, teaches and composes, and lives in San Francisco on unceded RamaytushOhlone land with spouse Tim and dog Hendrix. Kurt is fascinated with finding ways to incorporate notions of failure and catastrophe as part of the pursuit of making something beautiful. Kurt is Artistic Advisor with the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, Artistic Director of the Composers Conference, and teaches Music Composition at UC Davis. ︎


Abigail DeVille
June 11, 2023

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Door to the Cosmos, Sun Ra and His Arkestra, 1979
  2. Black Hole Sun, Soundgarten, 1994
  3. Mazzafrique, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, 2004
  4. Give Me the Night, George Benson, 1980
  5. Step into a World (Rapture’s Delight), KRS-One, 1997
  6. La Negra Tiene Tumbao, Celia Cruz, 2001
  7. The Beautiful Ones, Prince, 1984
  8. Romantic Call (feat. Yo-Yo), Petra, 1993
  9. You Will Never Find, In Essence, 2000
  10. Be Faithful, Fatman Scoop, The Brooklyn Clan, 2003
  11. Juicy, The Notorious B. I. G., 1994
  12. Renee, Lost Boyz, 1996
  13. UMI Says, Mos Def, 1999
  14. Hope to See You, the HawtPlates, 2020
  15. If 6 Was 9, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1967
  16. Bold as Love, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1967
  17. Wisdom Eye, Alice Coltrane, 1976

Who but Abigail DeVille would have the moxy to put Sun Ra and Black Hole Sun back-to-back at the top of a mixtape? Her irreverent but earnest sensibility permeates both her work and her musical selections.

Abigail is best known for her installations of found objects, mannequins, artifacts, and ephemera which serve as site-specific historical critiques, homages, and archives. She spent her early years growing up in a strict, conservative family in the Bronx and that borough provides the horizon line for her show Bronx Heavens at the Bronx Museum. Including work from the past 10+ years, the extraordinary scope of DeVille’s work is possible because of her emphasis on the interconnectedness of all things, people, matter, history, time, everything—from soot to stardust. We talk about her piece Light of Freedom, a reimagining of the one held up by the Statue of Liberty for a post-COVID, post-George Floyd America.

Abigail talks about her family and how they shaped her—particularly her grandmother, whose fierce insistence on doing things her own way she shares with her granddaughter. This sense of a thread, through history and relationships but also through flesh and bones and time and space, winds its way through DeVille’s work. She is engaged in a project of salvage that has roots in science fiction, religion, hip hop, and dancehall. She is, somehow, able to look into a midden and reveal a cosmos.

Abigail’s show Bronx Heavens is on view at the Bronx Museum of the Arts through June 18th, and her show In the fullness of time, the heart speaks truths too deep for utterance, but a star remembers is on view at JTT through June 24th, 2023.

Abigail DeVille (b.1981, New York, NY) is known for her site-specific installations, sculptures and performances that conjure vast universes from discarded objects and fragmented archives. In a seemingly boundless practice that transcends codified space, DeVille often sites her dense assemblages anywhere between museums, theaters, public parks and city streets. By honoring and amplifying the memory of those that once used the everyday components preserved in her work, DeVille urges a reconsideration of what constitutes a historical record and who contributes. ︎

Pictured: Baby Blu (the cat's eye nebula), 2023 from DeVille’s show at JTT, In the fullness of time, the heart speaks truths too deep for utterance, but a star remembers, on view from May 18 - June 24, 2023

Memorial Day Mixtape!

A Collection of possible Theme Songs for the show--let us know if you have a favorite!

xo Nate

Complete playlist below.

  1. When It Rains It Pours, A Brisk Breeze/Leaf Beach, 2016
  2. Excuse Me Mister, Gale Garnett, 1965
  3. Eighteen Is over the Hill, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, 1968
  4. Waters of March, Art Garfunkel, 1975
  5. Little Birdie, The Kossoy Sisters, 1956
  6. Cool Water, Sons of the Pioneers, 1959
  7. Lament I, “Bird’s Lament,” Louis Hardin, Moondog
  8. Portofino 2, Raymond Scott, c. 1962
  9. I Didn’t Know, Skinshape, 2018
  10. Bloom, j^p^n, 2015
  11. Washed Ashore, Monster Rally, 2016
  12. Weather Report, The American Analog Set, 1999
  13. Who Was In Scituate on the 4th of July, Swirlies, 2006
  14. Super Falling Star, Stereolab, 1992
  15. The Cheech Wizard Meets Baby Ultraman in the Cool Blue Cave (Short Stories about Birds, Trees And The Sports Life Wherever You Are) [Bundy K. Brown Remix], The Sea and Cake, 1997
  16. Reflection, George Winston, 1981
  17. Why Would We Need Brakes? Neat Beats, 2011
  18. Bob the Bob, The Lounge Lizards, 1988
  19. Lumen, Throwing Snow, 2016
  20. These Sad Times, The Softies, 1995
  21. Drifiting - Edit, Zapatilla, 2019
  22. Dream Puppy The Sweet Enoughs, 2020
  23. 123, Moomin, 2016
  24. The Last Time, Andrew Oldham Orchestra, 1966
  25. Never Can Say Goodbye, Gloria Gaynor, 1975
  26. Conga Twist, The Revels, 1959
  27. Chuncho, Yma Suman, 1953
  28. Atlantis, Les Baxter, 1954
  29. Utopia, Combustible Edison, 1998
  30. At the River, Groove Armada, 1998
  31. Street Scene, Esquivel! 1962
  32. My Adobe Hacienda, Sons of the Pioneers, 1961
  33. Tico Tico, Desi Arnaz, 1947
  34. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás, Celia Cruz, 1964
  35. Suavecito, Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra, 1957
  36. Nature Boy, Robert Maxwell, 1963