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Happy New Year!
January 7, 2024

Your host went home for the holidays this year, and I’ve been feeling nostalgic. For this show I dug up a double mixtape from 2005: "The Wages of Sin" and "Filthy Lucre". I hope you enjoy these two playlists that are now officially old enough to drink in the EU. May 2024 be worth living through!

The Wages of Sin, 2005

  1. Who Was In Scituate On the 4th of July?, Swirlies, 1998
  2. Lonesome Road, Mr. Airplane Man, 2004
  3. Witchita Lineman, Glen Campbell, 1968
  4. Strange Young Girls, The Mamas & the Papas, 1966
  5. Dirty Water, The Jesus and Mary Chain, 1994
  6. I, Andrew Bird, 2003
  7. Colored Town, The Aluminum Group, 2003
  8. The Book of Right-On, Joanna Newsom, 2004
  9. Countdown, The Black Keys, 2002
  10. Monkey, Low, 2005
  11. Sleep, The Dandy Warhols, 2000
  12. Fear of the South, Tin Hat Trio, 2002
  13. Standing Under Ü, Füxa, 1998
  14. River Man, Nick Drake, 1969
  15. Stay Monkey, Julie Ruin, 1998

Filthy Lucre, 2005 (begins at the 58 minute mark)
  1. Stanley Kubrick, Mogwai, 1999
  2. Hollywood, Cluster, 1974
  3. 14 pints, Tøyen, 2002
  4. Hangin' out, Main Source, 1991
  5. An Honest Mistake, The Bravery, 2005
  6. Rise, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, 2005
  7. Pac-Man (original edit), Powerpill (Aphex Twin), 1992
  8. Euroman, J. J. Burnel, 1979
  9. Hot Topic, Le Tigre, 1999
  10. Running Up that Hill, Placebo, 2003
  11. The Weight of My Words (Four Tet Remix), Kings of Convenience, 2001
  12. Busenfreund, Tosca, 2000
  13. Hello Tomorrow, Sam “Squeak E. Clean” Spiegel feat. Karen O., 2005

Philip Hinge
December 10, 2023

  1. Darkzone Martyrium, Limbonic Art, 1996
  2. Todeswalzer, Windir, 2002
  3. Doomed Dark Years, Astarte, 2017
  4. Fall of Man, One Man’s Child, 1998
  5. Morthond, Summoning, 1995
  6. Simply Dead, Dismal Euphony, 1997
  7. The Eerie Obzidian Circuz, Diabolical Masquerade, 2007
  8. Blood, Gloomy Grim, 2008
  9. Departure Towards a Nautical Curse, Carach Angren, 2010
  10. Mother North, Satryicon, 1996
  11. Du Nordavind, Arcturus, 1994
  12. Inarborat, Negurǎ Bunget, 2003
  13. Det Tomme Kalde Mørke, Dødheimsgard, 2003

Philip Hinge is an artist, curator, and black metal aficionado living and working in Queens, NY.

Will Heinrich
November 26, 2023

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Statesboro Blues/Church Bell Blues, David Bromberg, 1974
  2. Statesboro Blues, Blind Willie McTell, 1929
  3. East St. Louis Blues, Blind WIllie McTell, 1933
  4. It's Nobody's Fault but Mine, Blind Willie Johnson, 1927
  5. Oh Glory, How Happy I Am, Rev. Gary Davis. 1973
  6. Mannish Boy, Muddy Waters, 1955
  7. I Bid You Goodnight; Bahamas Folk, Calypso Ensemble; date unknown
  8. Samson And Delilah, Dave Van Ronk, 1989
  9. Silver Dagger, Dolly Parton, 1999
  10. I Am Stretched on Your Grave, Sinéad O’Connor, 1990
  11. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Richard Thompson, 1952
  12. Yeah! Oh, Yeah! The Magnetic Fields, 1999
  13. You Want It Darker, Leonard Cohen, 2016
  14. You Gotta Move, Mississippi Fred McDowell, 1965
  15. Let Me Die In My Footsteps (Studio Outtake), Bob Dylan, 1962
  16. The Traitor, Martha Wainwright, 2006
  17. A Very Cellular Song (2010 remaster), The Incredible String Band, 1968

Will Heinrich was born in New York and spent his early childhood in Japan. His first novel, The King's Evil, was published by Scribner in 2003 and won a PEN/Robert Bingham Fellowship in 2004; his most recent novel, The Pearls, was published by Elective Affinity in 2019. He has written about art for the New Yorker, New York Observer, Hyperallergic, Art in America, and, since 2017, for the New York Times.

Newtown Radio is DOWN
October 26, 2023

Hi folks, 
A chain reaction of technical failures has resulted in the temporary closing of Newtown Radio. I’ve been assured that we will be back up and running in a few weeks. Please bear with us!

Thank you as always for listening!