October 31, 2021
Anne Eastman

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Your Love, Frankie Knuckles (feat. Jamie Principe)
  2. 蛹化の女 (Mushi no Onna), Jun Togawa
  3. パンク蛹化の女 (Punk Mushi no Onna), Jun Togawa
  4. Libertango, Grace Jones
  5. Baltimore, Nina Simone
  6. The Void, Phew
  7. EMEZ, Towa Tei
  8. Build the Bridge, Deee-Lite
  9. There’s a Snake in the Steakhouse, Emily’s Sassy Lime
  10. Tired, The Fly Girlz
  11. 17 Days, Prince
  12. LONG SEASON, Fishmans

Anne Eastman, born 1973, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Nikko, Japan. Her most recent solo exhibitions have been at HIGURE-17cas, Tokyo; Tetsuo’s Garage, Nikko; Situations, New York; and The Green Gallery, Milwaukee.