August 8, 2021
Ian L. C. Swordy

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Body and Soul, Hack Hylton
  2. Body and Soul, Louis Armstrong
  3. Body and Soul, Coleman Hawkins
  4. Body and Soul, Frank Sinatra
  5. Body and Soul, Stan Getz
  6. Body and Soul, Billie Holiday
  7. Body and Soul, John Coltraine
  8. Body and Soul, Archie Shepp, Richard Davis
  9. Body and Soul, Tony Bennett, Amy Winehouse

Ian L.C. Swordy is a Brooklyn-based artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, writing, and performance. Emerging from the Long Island and Brooklyn music scene of the early aughts, Swordy has reshaped his practice in the last several years, now working in carved stone, wood, and found-object assemblage, which he filters through punk’s performative, self-determinant lens. Swordy has authored two books, The Bull Loving Truth, in 2018, and Will & Grace, in 2020, recounting his musician, activist, and performance years, and the origins of his current practice. While living in Vermont, Swordy taught figure drawing at the Hall Art Foundation, in Reading, Vermont, and Drawing at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH; he received his BA in studio art from Hunter College in 2007, and his MFA in sculpture at Yale University in 2009. Swordy lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.