November 13, 2022
Candystore Returns!

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Orange Colored Sky, Nat King Cole, 1950
  2. The Purple Bottle, Animal Collective, 2005
  3. Aviva, Anna Oxygen, 2003,
  4. Blue Mirror, Jack Ladder, 2018
  5. The Red Shoes, Kate Bush, 1994
  6. At Least the Sky is Blue, Ssion with Ariel Pink
  7. Whites Not My Color This Evening, Cherry Glazerr, 2014
  8. Yellow in Green, Jockstrap, 2018
  9. Orange Moon, Erykah Badu, 2000
  10. Black and Blue, Louis Armstrong
  11. Cool Blue Stole My Heart, Joan Armatrading, 1975
  12. Yellow Roses, Dolly Parton, 1989
  13. Blood Red Sentimental Blues, Cotton Jones, 2009
  14. Blue Trash Mattress Fire, Sleigh Bells, 2017
  15. Black Cherry, Goldfrapp, 2003
  16. Bright as Yellow, The Innocence Mission, 1995
  17. I’m a Rainbow, Donna Summer, 1996

Candystore was a 2018-2019 artist-in-residence with Shandaken: Governor’s Island and a 2018-2019 fellow in the Queer | Art | Mentorship program. In 2019, she-he was one of four recipients of the Shannon Michael Cane Award from Printed Matter, which allowed shimher the opportunity to produce and self publish her debut, *SOLD OUT* book of poetry, Hi Angels: Poems by Candystore, which then begat the 2020 extended version, Hi Angels: DELUXE—also sold out, sorry.

Candystore’s writing and art have been published in PAPER Magazine, Phile Magazine, Riot of Perfume, Precog Mag, RFD, and others. She-he has performed abroad and around New York City, most notably at MoMA PS1 (though it was only in the book store) and Dixon Place (but in that weird area between the bar and the bathroom). Candystore also performs every time she-he uses a public, "binary-themed" restroom. In shimher spare time, Candystore creates and produces a highly chaotic, raunchy TV project and live stage show called Pubic Access. She-he loves dick and lives in Brooklyn, NY with a snake named Mascara.