July 25, 2021
Ian Pedigo

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Smoke Rings, Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra, 1937
  2. You Do Something for Me, Cole Porter with Lee Wiley, 1940
  3. Innocent When You Dream (78), Tom Waits, 1987
  4. Questions in a World of Blue, Julee Cruise, 1993
  5. Dazzle, Siouxsie & the Banshees, 1984
  6. To Here Knows When, My Bloody Valentine, 1991
  7. Blue Skied & Clear, Slowdive, 1996
  8. A Kissed Out Red Floatboat, Cocteau Twins, 1988
  9. Stamping Ground, Moondog, 1969
  10. Time of No Reply, Nick Drake, c. late ‘60s
  11. Sparkly, Hope Sandoval & the Warm Intentions, 2000
  12. El Arbol, Nick Turner, 1999
  13. All Flowers in Time, Jeff Buckley with Elizabeth Fraser, c. 1994-5
  14. Dawning, Tamaryn, 2010
  15. Content, FOREVR, 2015
  16. Vow of Vengeance, Nazxul, 2017
  17. Darkness, Unison, 2012
  18. Because of You, Jesu, 2020
  19. We’ve All Gone to Sleep, Grouper, 2008
  20. Map of 41 Degrees N 93 Degrees W, Wire, 1979

Ian Pedigo is a visual artist and writer who immerses in experiences of esthesia produced by both tangible and intangible objects. Having grown up in Alaska and presently living and working in Queens, NY, his work is inspired by nature, yet also deals with the subject of humanism in both its historic and present-day contexts. He has exhibited widely both internationally and in the US, is a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant recipient, and his work is in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.