October 30, 2022
*+_ halloween spectacular _+*

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  1. Waiting For A Surprise - Original Mix, Red Axes feat. Abrão
  2. Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moon Light, Tiny Tim
  3. Number 33, Jan & Lorraine
  4. Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra
  5. A Million Dreams Ago, Raymond Scott
  6. Nightmare, Artie Shaw
  7. Yellow, Ken Nordine
  8. Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now; Patience & Prudence, Mark McIntyre Orchestra
  9. God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot, Buffy Sainte-Marie
  10. Watching the Willows Burn; Jack Name, Aoife Nessa Frances
  11. There Was a Pig Went Out to Dig; Traditional, The Revels Children and Chorus
  12. Season of the Witch, Lana Del Rey
  13. Castin’ My Spell; Johnny Otis, Marci Lee
  14. She Wolf, Shakira
  15. Spellbound, Siouxsie and the Banshee
  16. The Black Madonna, Theatre of Hate
  17. We’re So Happy, The Danse Society
  18. Deiche, Sex Gang Children
  19. Main Titles (Overture), Louis and Bebe Barron
  20. Giant Footprints in the Sand, Louis and Bebe Barron
  21. Dark Star, John Carpenter
  22. Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme), Tangerine Dream
  23. Blade Runner - End Titles, Vangelis
  24. Rain in the Third House, Tangerine Dream
  25. Suspiria - Originale, Goblin
  26. In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song); David Lynch, Alan R. Splet
  27. The Exorcist: Main These: Tubular Bells, Geek Music
  28. Alone, Colin Newman
  29. Scotty Trails Madeline, Bernard Herrmann Orchestra
  30. Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary, Z. 860: Funeral March I; Henry Purcell, Baroque Brass of London, Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, Timothy Brown
  31. Helen’s Theme; Philip Glass, Michael Riesman, The Western Wind
  32. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565: I. Toccata; Johann Sebastian Bach, Simon Preston
  33. Lazyboat, Triosk