Photo c/o Dunes July 24, 2022
Miles Huston

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Premature Burial, Siouxsie and the Banshees
  2. Baby Doll, Teenage and the Jerks
  3. Leave My House, Chickita
  4. Drop the Bomb, Harry Pussy
  5. I’m Shy, Numbers
  6. Warm Leatherette, Suzi Quatro
  7. Kaltes Klares Wasser, Chicks on Speed
  8. Taste, Magik Markers
  9. Karen Hates the Forest, Hype Williams
  10. Another Man (Short Version), Barbara Mason 
  11. Golosa, Coqueta
  12. Keep It, ESG
  13. Private Life, Grace Jones
  14. Hamburger Lady, Throbbing Gristle
  15. How to Wire Wrap a Stone, Odwalla88
  16. Pot au Feu, Delia Derbyshire
  17. Rakata, Arca
  18. Sorry Bro (Lil Mariko remix), Dorian Electra
  19. Ice Breaker, Cowgirl Clue
  20. Smack Jack, Nina Hagen
  21. Green Eyes, Suburban Lawns
  22. Beyond and Back, X
  23. Army Dreamers, Kate Bush
  24. Willow’s Song, Paul Giovanni
  25. The Squirrel Is a Funny Thing, Dorothy Carter
  26. Bad Girl, Shirley Collins & Davey Graham
  27. Saving Myself for Jesus, Birdcloud
  28. Children of Darkness, Mimi & Richard Farina
  29. Deep River, Marian Anderson
  30. Coma Baby, Nicole Dollanger
  31. Agent Orange, Tori Amos
  32. Today, Jefferson Airplane
  33. Komodo, Ok Lou & Sega Bodega
  34. Live to Tell, Madonna
  35. Everything Is Spoilt by Use, Ice Choir with Caroline Polachek
  36. Giving You the Best that I Got, Anita Baker
  37. I Can’t Make You Love Me, Bonnie Rait
  38. Song to the Siren, This Mortal Coil mashup with I Need You Tonight, ZZ Top
  39. Trees and Flowers, Strawberry Switchblade

Miles Huston (b. 1981, Cambridge, MA) is a Jersey City–based artist, designer, and curator. He holds an MFA from Yale University. He has had solo and group shows most recently at Dunes, Portland ME; Reyes Projects, Detroit; Gordon Robichaux, New York (two-person with Jenni Crain); Princess, New York; Adler Beatty, New York; Cave, Detroit; Night Gallery, Los Angeles; and Room East, New York. Recent curatorial projects include “This Must Be the Place” at 55 Walker, New York (co-curated with Jenni Crain); "Black Cherokee" at Room East, New York; "Walk Artisanal" in Los Angeles; and "Clorox Envy" in Brooklyn, NY. Huston cofounded the artist-run space KNOWMOREGAMES and is a member of the Gryorgy Kepes Panel Committee in Wellesley, MA