Robert Spees

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Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Mirror, Evie, 1978
  2. More, More, More; The Andrea True Experience, 1976
  3. Night City, ქალაქი ღამიᲡ [The Prize], 1992
  4. Georgia Stone, Yoko One and John Cage, 1970-1989
  5. Jesus Marijuana, Orville Dorp, 1983
  6. The Irony of It All, The Streets, 2002
  7. Don’t You Think this Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Outta Hand?, Waylan Jennings, 1978
  8. Jim Cosme, Wesley Willis, 1998
  9. Ma Baker, Boney M, 1977
  10. Bang Bang, Martin Kippenberger, 1988
  11. You Can Fall in Love with Anyone, Jamaican Queens, 2015
  12. Héroes, Parálisis Permadenete, 1982
  13. LPC 9 Theme 1, Longmont Potion Castle, 2012
  14. Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone), Tanya Tucker, 1973
  15. By 1999, Baccara, 1979
  16. Figurine, Ladytron, 2019
  17. Sweet Love, Anita Baker, 1986
  18. Move On, ABBA, 1977
  19. John Cage, Christian Marclay, 1988 

Filmmaker and visual artist Robert Spees takes us on a sonic journey from the American South, to the Caucasus mountains, and back again to the Georgia Guidestones of the New World Order. We discuss his eclectic process of making both still and moving images as well as what it is like to be a doorman in New York City on the eve of the big strike of ’22! A wonderful conversation with some truly hidden gems.

Rbt. Sps. is a queer experimental filmmaker and visual artist who lives and works in NYC. He works predominantly with antiquated analog equipment in his video work, capturing moments of his life obscured by the dated technology. His current 2D work is collage based—hand sewing quilt block designs either created from or employing personal photos, usually sourced from his youth in rural western Kentucky. He has shown work at PPOW, Interstate Projects, King’s Leap, and BGSQD. His collaborative feature film Confederitiswas an official selection at the 2018 Istanbul Experimental Film Festival and was also shown with Circe Platform in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2019. The artist was bequeathed a Kentucky Colonel in 2020.