July 11, 2021
Al Freeman

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Outro, Vulfpeck, 2012
  2. No Slack, Jaco Pastorius & Brian Melvin, 1989
  3. Café Com Pão (Jodel), Paula Morelenbaum & João Donato, 2011
  4. Like a Ship, Pastor T. L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir, 1971
  5. Sunflower River Blues, John Fahey, 1998
  6. Fire, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, 1979
  7. The Force, Lettuce, 2015
  8. I Get Lonely, Janet Jackson, 1998
  9. Little Fluffy Clouds, The Orb, 1990
  10. Room Mate, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, 1981
  11. Cool in the Pool, Holger Czukay, 1979
  12. She Was Surprised, Psychic TV, 1988
  13. Southern Nights, Allen Toussaint, 1975
  14. 相合傘 - Broken Radio Version, Haruomi Hosono, 2019
  15. Sweet Salvation, The Stepkids, 2012
  16. Addicted to Love, Ciccone Youth, 1988
  17. Gloria, Laura Branigan, 1982
  18. Les Fleurs, Minnie Riperton, 1970
  19. Slowly, Amon Tobin, 2000
  20. Cuff Link, Wings, 1978
  21. I Heard It through the Grapevine, The Slits, 1979
  22. We Run This, Missy Elliott, 2005
  23. A Walk to Remember, Vulfpeck

Al Freeman brings a summer afternoon playlist; something for dads to  drive to. Host Nate Heiges talks with Al about her show at Grice Bench  in LA, covers & homages, and cool women in rock who died too soon.

Al Freeman is a sculptor who reproduces everyday objects at an exaggerated scale, rendering them puffy and tactile. By presenting her works as partially deflated, she playfully imbues a beer can, a hammer, or a lava lamp with a message of subverted masculinity. In her Comparisons series, Freeman juxtaposes iconic artworks with images lifted from the backwaters of the internet.

Al Freeman received a BFA in 2005 from Concordia University in Montréal, and an MFA in 2010 from Yale University.