March 20, 2022
Taylor Baldwin

Complete playlist below; tracks in yellow were cut for time.

  1. Uta 1 (Making of Cyborg), Kawai Kenji
  2. Kaneda, Geinoh Yamashirogumi
  3. Between Water and Wind, Colin Stetson
  4. Godmother (with Jlin), Holly Herndon
  5. Skin I, Emptyset
  6. Sangkakala III, Gabber Modus Operandi
  7. Empty Hearth, The Body
  8. Ойно, ойно, Алтай (Играй, играй, Алтай), AltaiKai
  9. Han Yan, Carl Stone
  10. Sumaq Papa Puquchinsun (Buena Papa Produciremos), Luzmila Carpio
  11. Music for Wood and Strings: Section 5, Sō Percussion
  12. Generation, Liturgy
  13. Nothing, Milford Graves
  14. Su Determinu, Tenores De Oniferi
  15. Monk Bag, ZOMES
  16. Helix, Kelly Moran
  17. Kardia 1, GDFX
  18. Corps, Zs

Taylor Baldwin (b. Tucson, AZ 1983) is an artist working primarily in sculpture, video, and installation. He received a BFA from RISD in 2005 and an MFA from VCU in 2007. He has been a resident at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the Fine Arts Work Center, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, and the Seven Below Arts Initiative. Baldwin has exhibited individually at Wayfarers Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) Conner Contemporary Gallery (Washington DC) , Land of Tomorrow Gallery (Louisville, KY), and Vox Populi (Philadelphia, PA) as well as groups shows at the Queens Museum of Art (Queens, NY), Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art (Tucson, AZ), the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (Norfolk, VA), the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Craft (Louisville, KY) and Zürcher Gallery (New York, NY). He is currently based in Queens, NY and Providence, RI.